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Allen Loree Homes, LLC
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At Allen Loree Homes we make your home-buying experience as trouble-free as possible. Our home designs reflect planning and practical use of space. Our exceptional quality construction reflects a keen eye for details and workmanship. Our knowledgeable people reflect character and integrity. We realize that building and selling homes isn't just about building and selling. It's about the customers who buy Allen Loree Homes and recommend us to their friends and family.


"Our Commitment Shows"- Testimonials

It's easy to discover how well we build our homes and treat our customers. Just ask anyone who has purchased an Allen Loree Home. We take great pride in making sure they're as happy with their homes ten years from now as they were the day they moved in. And every year more and more Allen Loree Homes customers say they would consider us for their next home and recommend us to a friend or family member. Click on the "What Customers Say About Us" button to hear customers, in their own words, talk about what it means to own an Allen Loree Home.

What Customers Say About Us

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Providing attractive, quality crafted homes with spacious rooms and modern amenities at an affordable price.

Allen Loree Homes LLC
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