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Mr. Loree of Allen Loree Homes L.L.C., has gone to great lengths to assure his buyers receive the highest level of service possible. So should your approved lender? We believe your choice of mortgage lender is critical, so here are some reasons why working with an approved lender makes sense....


Accountability - In most cases, an approved lender has a long-term business relationship with Allen Loree Homes L.L.C. This relationship reinforces the commitment to providing superior mort­gage service with accountability to quality and timeliness. These lenders have joined the builder's team of professionals to insure a smooth process to approve and close your loan. You can be sure that you will receive every extra consideration with approved lenders


Professional - They are eager to maintain customer trust. That's why potential approved lenders are carefully screened for refer­ences, ethics, financial stability, performance, variety of programs, and fees. Allen Loree Homes L.L.C. insists that approved lenders offer competitive rates and fees, and that their clients are treated with honesty and integrity.


Costs - Approved lenders are already familiar with the particulars of each Allen Loree Home. They already have copies of all project documents on file. Cost for addi­tional documentation required by an "outside" lender may be passed on to you. In addition, ap­proved lenders have no "hidden costs"; they often negotiate the best prices for all the closing services to provide Allen Loree Homes L.L.C. and their buyers the lowest costs to purchase a new home.

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