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Allen Loree Homes, LLC
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Quality Commitment

At Allen Loree Homes we strive for quality to ensure that Commitment we have established 5 Standards.


Value - each product selected to build your home is based on the quality, durability, and serviceability over its lifetime.


Inspections- We recognize the importance of inspections, we have trained knowledgeable production staff that inspect every phase of construction. For each phase of construction there is at least one quality check that must be passed in order to move on to the next phase.


Hard Hat Tours- At several times during construction we invite you into the home to review the home and installed options to insure accuracy.


Vendors- Allen Loree Homes works closely with each vendor to ensure that we are constantly receiving the best products and service so that we can deliver an affordable home to you.


Subcontractors- We use only skilled and professional subcontractors, ensuring expert work in every corner of your new home.


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Providing attractive, quality crafted homes with spacious rooms and modern amenities at an affordable price.

Allen Loree Homes LLC
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